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We are Christel Volman and Piet van Kampen.
We welcome you on our website Akitas of Hadjime-Yoshi. We living together with our sons Bart and Tom in Deurne what is located in beautiful North-Brabant in the Netherlands. In addition to our great passion the dogs we also have a dairy farm.

It's not a question of whether you would like an Akita, rather, whether the Akita would like you !!

christelmethonden bartmetpups pietmethonden

A few years back, I got fascinated by the Akita Inu as a breed. I was actually searching for a sturdy build dog with a special look. Finding such a dog threatened to become a mission impossible. This due to the high demands I had set for this dog. That’s how my study about the world of dogs started. To my surprise, I did found a dog that would fit my own nature: honest, dignified, independent, loyal and at it’s time, dominant. So this dog fitted my own nature exactly an next to is was also friendly, social and courageous. After one more year of studying, I was certain this kind of dog had the
qualities I was looking for and so bought my first Akita, “Libertas as Aras an Uachtarain” from Mr. Cornelis Koot.


Libertas as Aras an Uachtarain  Multi Champion Ama-Geisha of Hadjime-Yoshi 
daugther of Libertas
   Bart and Tom with puppies

Today, it’s been 24 years and I now know so much of the breed, I consider it my privilege to share that knowledge with others. The breed split caused me a lot of grief because I still look at the Akita as a dog,
no matter named Akita or American Akita. Opinions about this are strongly alienated and that’s OK. It certainly didn’t diminish my love for the breed. I also showed the world of dog fanciers that it is possible to
work with the Akita and that they can have an excellent temperament as well. Meanwhile, my husband Piet has become totally addicted to those beautiful dogs also.

bartstranddurgaokt2006 tommazyfeb2011f1 fbartpupszeven
Puppies are raised inside the house, among the familymebers and are temperament tested.

Our sons Bart and Tom are certainty feeling at home among the dogs !! Therefore and together, we dedicate our lives 100% to be able to say:


We dedicate ourselves 100 % to achieve such because it’s our responsibility to put something good on the world. Pure and simple.


 We hope you will enjoy our website !!



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